Start by chopping an onion…

Watching a Gordon Ramsay chop an onion on his timesonline video podcast earlier today, it occurred to me that I do it completely arse about face. which is probably why they end up looking like a child has hacked at them. Despite being a ritualistic starting point for a vast amount of recipes, chopping onions irks some and is sometimes considered the most boring part of cooking.

So whether its to speed it up or simply do it better, it’s worth starting off on the right footing. If you just whip off both ends and halve it – as I do normally – it gets very difficult to keep it all together. Whereas, if you just take of the stem end, then halve and then peel it – leaving on the root end – then its easier to slice or dice it. Here’s a video demonstration of someone doing it right.


One thought on “Start by chopping an onion…

  1. You should get Mum to show you ho to chop an onion. She taught me (and you I’m sure, I expect you can’t remember!) and it’s definitely the best way I’ve ever seen 🙂

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