Poached Sea Bream

Cooked a nice bit of sea bream this evening, but had a bit of an issue with the recipe. Not that I’m blaming Gennaro Contaldo 🙂, but I found the end result was quite oily.

The recipe seems to have an excessive amount of olive extra virgin oil; for two decent sized fish you poach them in 175ml of oil and 400ml of water. Now, two problems with this: first, the water is cold (surely the recipe would say if it were supposed to be hot) when you add it to the hot oil, meaning that it brings the temperature down a long way. Second, when you’ve done the business the recipe indicates that you can reduce down the sauce in 30 seconds or so, but not only does it reduce only slightly in that short time, there is a large amount of oil left. This means the sauce is quite oily and to my taste at least, too oily.

Possibly I’m missing something with the preparation but I’ll definitely be putting less oil in next time; probably just enough to cover the bottom of the pan. The sauce does have a good flavour otherwise.

Despite the oiliness, the fish came out absolutely beautifully and the chili adds a perfect amount of zing. You could even add a bit more, but perhaps it could become overwhelming quite quickly.

I’d recommend trying it, but take it easy on the oil.


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