Hare and Tortoise

You wouldn’t think it from the name but the Hare and Tortoise is a small chain of JapaneseH&TLogo eateries around London. When I heard of it I thought it was a gastro pub, it certainly didn’t sound very Japanese. Still, the hare and tortoise in the logo seem to be smiling…

There are restaurants in Bloomsbury, Putney, Kensington and Ealing, which is the one I visit. The food is very good and I’d say the reason I’ve been back so many times, is not only because I’m a bit of a sushi fiend and its good value, but because there’s good variety and its a great place to try new things.

Okay, you can try new things anywhere, but you can easily play it safe by getting a few side or sushi dishes that you’re not sure about. For instance, yesterday me and the other-half shared some singapore noodles, some sushi dishes and one that we hadn’t tried before.

If Yo Sushi! lacks anything, its a clear, concise menu; if you look at the full menu in Yo, then you often get bored (especially if you’re a beginner) and just stick to whatever happens to be on the conveyor belt. Not only is the quality better at the Hare and Tortoise, but the fish hasn’t been out for a long period of time and its easier to try a new thing every time you go.

In terms of price, you’ll easily stay around £30 for a meal for two and you can easily end up getting too much. I always worry that a few sushi dishes won’t fill me up, but if you share a plate of noodles between two and get a few sushi dishes on the side, that’s ideal.

Hare and Tortoise is a ‘staple’ easy evening meal along the lines of a Wagamama or Yo!, but I think it combines both and makes it nice and easy. Easy peasy, Japanese.

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One thought on “Hare and Tortoise

  1. Weird, I had a great meal at the Hare & Tortoise in Putney about the same time. Good food, though the staff are something else. Distracted, inattentive, confused by large groups… however the giant Asahi in a tin you have to pop yourself is worth it all.

    I judged a member of our party for having chicken chow mein though. Is it wrong to go for a chinese takeaway staple in a restaurant?

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