Food in season: May

The Times Calendar Cookbook (1977 edition) tells me that May is the month for the first young Summer veggies. English garden veg like broad beans, beetroot, bunched carrots, French beans and sugar peas will abound, along with watercress and courgettes are also on the way. I have no kind of garden so will not be picking any of the above in the near future, but I’m rather partial to a courgette soup, so it’ll be good to see some English courgettes around.

The book also recommends using the freezer in May to prep vegetables for when they’re needed in the Summer. I guess it makes sense to blanch and freeze them in small quantities but it doesn’t half sound like a lot of messing about.

Anyway, here’s a courgette soup to try, courtesy of Delia. Its very nice and soup is always easy to bash together. Bung some onion, courgette and potato in a pan to sweat with butter and garlic then add stock. You don’t need to cook it for very long before you can blend it, season it and serve it. Delia also puts cream in it, but I’ve done it without and its just as nice, if not better. Its also nice with the watercress pesto, but again, not really essential.

Also see: BBC Good Food Delia Online for more background on what’s in season.


2 thoughts on “Food in season: May

  1. There are a lot of things that can be frozen very easily. Just freeze soft fruits in plastic bags, or first place them spread out on a tray until frozen, and then into bags for the freezer. Throwing a handful of blackberries into a winter’s apple pie or crumble or pouring warmed raspberries or other soft fruits over icecream can bring back the sunshine of a hot summer’s day into the depths of winter. Some vegetables can also be frozen in this way.

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