The White Swan

I recently discovered that I’ve been working in Holborn for four years but not discovered The White Swan, where I went for a lunch just a few days ago.

I’ve found some great eateries in the area, but always struggle to find a reasonably priced high-end pub lunch that is reliable. Me and some colleagues went there for a quick bite between meetings and I had a fantastic rib-eye steak with chips, which was one of the best I’ve had. Even better, the price for four people was a snip at around £60 with service.

The service was worth paying for as well; the host was assertive and polite and seemed to have everything under control. Once we were done (and not before) he was very friendly and quick to provide the bill so we could get on.

There’s also a restaurant upstairs that I plan to try; but as far as quick quality pub lunches in Holborn go, this is my new favourite.

White Swan Pub & Dining Room on Urbanspoon

Here are five of my favourite places to eat around Holborn:

  1. Smiths of Smithfield
  2. Pearl
  3. The Chancery
  4. Bleeding Heart
  5. The Clerkenwell

3 thoughts on “The White Swan

  1. Not the greatest fan of Pearl, more the ambience than the food which is good. It’s not great food, it’s just reliable good. Just didn’t like that we seemed to be the only people in there. SOS is up there in the rafters – loving the fishfinger sandwiches and the bean stew thing on the ground floor. Middle floor is ok and averagely expensive. Top floor balcony is fab for an expense-ridden lunch. Chablis is recommended.

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