Food in season: June

So, what’s good in June? According to sources like Delia Onlineand BBC Food, its things like aubergines, broad beans, fresh fruit like strawberries and cherries. Also, peppers are in season, so hopefully that means the price in supermarkets is going to come down, I’ve noticed peppers costing around 60-70p each in Tesco, which seems much higher than normal…

So, what do do with them?

  • Aubergines – do a mousaka – here’s one by Jamie Oliver or use them in a caponata like this, or this
  • Broad beans – Delia has a nice-looking salad with pancetta and red wine vinegar but you could put them in and salad if they’re young enough, or just serve them alongside a hot meal
  • Fresh fruit – fruit salad…okay fine. But when I start seeing fruit going for a song at street sellers and markets I think smoothies. You can make a really nice healthy smoothie with just some fruit, yoghurt and even add some juice to pad it out. A squeeze of lemon or lime always adds a good tang too.
  • Bell peppers – bit of a staple across many diets I think; I put them in curries and salads alike, the seem to get everywhere! I’ve got a great little chicken and red pepper sauce recipe (can’t remember where I got it) which is also great, in fact I’ll post it separately

This seems to be the best month my herbs have had too, so I’ll also be looking to use as much oregano (dressing), chives (salads, tzatsiki), rosemary (lamb) and thyme (chicken pies)! Hmm. There’s a blog posting there about using herbs methinks…


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