Lunch at Itsu

I discovered today that a new sushi place has opened up near work – an Itsu. Having been overdosed with Mediterranean food over the last few weeks, today was the day I fell back off the wagon and shelled out on some nice sushi for lunch.

For £10 with a drink it was more than I’d normally spend on lunch but well worth it all the same (it’s only once everywhile, I tell myself). There’s a reasonably varied menu at the Holborn branch and I got a “Health and Happiness” pack – which consists of tuna and salmon sushi, salmon sashimi, crab and salmon maki rolls.

Sushi’s always nice for a light-ish lunch and since the weather’s nice we ate in the park… 🙂


One thought on “Lunch at Itsu

  1. Amazing. The oven baked salmon thing is amazing. The detox drink is VERY heavy on the ginger though. Fresh light and fililng. Could even be my new favourite

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