Ramsay v Wareing “All’s Forgiven…”

It’s with relief that I read Tim Hayward’s thoughts about the Ramsay v Wareing ‘media storm’ that was in the press this week. When I saw it break, there was no doubt in my mind that it was 99% PR. Just another example of the celebrity chef trend getting silly and irritating.

…surely it can’t be trying to stoke his feud with Gordon Ramsay just for the sake of publicity?

In short, various meeja got very excited by some comments made by Marcus Wareing at the same time as been named number one chef by the Harden‘s retaurant guide. Hayward’s on the money and poses the argument sardonically, with:

Meanwhile Wareing, as befits a man trying to be taken seriously as a chef is keeping quiet … oh, apart from the brilliantly timed profile in Waitrose Food Illustrated where he revealed that he ‘wouldn’t give a f***’ if he never saw his foul-mouthed boss again before suggesting that GordonBalls should “Put a gun to my head, shoot me, put me in a box and bury me because if you don’t, I’ll come back and come back. I’ll never give up until I get where I want to go.”

One point of clarification that is rightly made by one commenter is that the result of the Harden guide is not the spin-driver, since it’s based on consumers’ opinions. But there’s no denying that Wareing is starting to play Gordon’s game well, like a protégé, perhaps?

To cap the episode off, Ramsay’s PR announced that any differences had been resolved between the two. I suspect there was little to resolve, since both got some great exposure from the ‘affair’.


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