Gordon’s Wine Bar – New Cellar!

Exciting news for fans of earthy cheese-and-wine venue Gordon’s Wine Bar.

The place is going to get slightly bigger, which will be exciting news for the many who know and love the place. The current wine cellar (located at the back – see picture) is going to be made available for seating space and most shockingly of all, the new seating area is going to be …wait for it… available for bookings. A serious break from tradition.

Most people remember the place for being a busy and intimate place, where it’s always hard to get a seat. I suspect many traditionalists will wonder how the changes will affect the feel and atmosphere. As the place hasn’t changed barely at all in its many years of existence, some will probably greet the news with apprehension, while pragmatists like myself will most likely wonder how the hell they’ll enforce the bookings in one section, when the place is fit to burst with commuters on a Friday.

Personally I don’t think the atmosphere will be negatively affected and I’ll definitely welcome the fact that it will make the place more accessible for less mobile people.

Says Simon Gordon:

“Finally, we are soon going to be breaking through from behind the bar to an old and unused cellar which continues on from Gordon’s – this is something I have been working on for 3 years and my father had tried to lease it many years before that, so it is the culmination of a lot of perseverance.”

I’ll be sure to do some primary research once the changes are made to check the wine and cheese are still okay. 🙂

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One thought on “Gordon’s Wine Bar – New Cellar!

  1. Oooh… not so good. I think getting a seat might be nice. But revamping or taking reservations will destroy the character of the palce.

    It will still do very well I’m sure due to its location but so would an All Bar One or Slug and Lettuce.

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