Where to get Japanese produce in London

An esteemed commenter today suggested that my first mistake in looking for a good place to eat Japanese, was looking on the fringe of Chinatown. To be fair, the only two poor meals I’ve had in Chinatown have been at Japanese places, namely Kintaro Sushi, and some time ago, the Tokyo Diner (which to be fair, may be better now). Otherwise I’ve had some great meals chinese meals in the area.

Yesterday I made the mistake of thinking I could get good Japanese for bargain prices, but sadly at Kintaro Sushi, I was bitterly dissapointed with the food. Having just the day before enjoyed a great spot of lunch at Sushi World in Ealing, at Kintaro Sushi I was greeted with weird noodles that were translucent and acted like rubber; dodgy fishcake reconstituted from mush; dry shredded luttice and rice that was dry like it had been sittting out for hours. Lesson learned, next time I want cheap noodles, I’ll stick to Wagamama or Hare and Tortoise.

But where can you get good Japanese produce or food in London? Fortunately I found a good place on the same day, which partly made up for it.

On the way home we walked past the Japanese Centre on Picadilly [see map] which has a great variety of Japanese food supplies, crockery, cookery books and fresh produce too. I picked up some rice, a few dipping dishes, some udon noodles and some sushi nori. Having previously paid over-the-odds for sushi-making ingredients etc in organic shops and higher-end supermarkets it was great to find a place where you can bulk buy good ingredients at reasonable prices. I’m also planning to explore some more of the Japanese and Chinese shops around Gerrard St.

No doubt there are many other great places to buy Japanese food supplies; I’m also keen to find some more great Japanese restaurants that tempt me to move away from eating sushi each time I go for Japanese!

Please let me know if you know of anywhere good šŸ™‚


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