Review: Yauatcha, Dim Sum, Soho ****

Image Courtesy of Foodieblog

Image Courtesy of Foodieblog


  • Delightful dim sum with beautiful decor and a strangely fitting and eye-catching fish tank!


  • Address: 15 Broadwick Street, W1F 0DL
  • Tel: 020 7494 8888


  • Dim-sum, noodles, rice dishes – Chinese


  • Food: 5/6, it’s a feast of variety and a great change from some dim-sum places that offer dumplings that taste suspiciously similar and lack freshness. Things to try: Mongolian Crispy Lamb (wow), singapore noodle (key to padding out the meal and very good too), zucchini dumpling (yum) and Leek Cod (possibly the single most expensive fish dish – at £26 – I’ve come across, but, simply amazing texture)
  • Experience: 5/6, the ambience is reasonably unique and it’s great fun sharing the various dishes and talking about them. The fish tanks scattered around the place add a fresh feel, while the distinctive clean-looking crockery looks professional. It would be a six were it not for the low seating which can leave even the moderately tall uncomfortable
  • Cost: 2/6, I was disappointed that my waiter tried to convince me that we needed one main and four dim-sum between us, this was evidently not the case, since I ordered three per person and one main per person and we were left with loads left-over. In addition, his recommendations were blatantly the most expensive items on the menu and I’m not stupid, thanks. Nevertheless, it’s possible to get a mid-ranged meal, but not if you go for the best dishes, so this rating is not 1, based on that
  • Overall: 4**** -I would recommend it for a special occasion, despite the slightly high cost

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