Cheese Can Be Heathly…

I recently said to someone that I’ll eat anything with chese in, but on reflection, I’d revise that to anything with nice cheese in! Horrible cheeses aren’t worth bothering with, so I’m keen on trying to find ways to eat better quality cheese in decent proportions. As I’ve got a great pantry with a strong selection of cheeses near me, I’m going to find some more recipes to use sensible portions in. Rather than what I normally do… which is buy slabs of cheese and then quaffe them with biscuits over the course of a few days. Not healthy.

I found out that some of my colleagues that work in my building do the public relations for Grana Padano and they’re doing something up this very street.

They’re currently working on a number of campaigns including drawing people to a website that looks at the various ways you can use Grana Padano. It includes an ‘eating plan’ with various ideas that include pasta, omelette, cheese sauce, salad and bruscetta. Obviously, the idea is not that you plan your life around Grana Padano, but it has some encouraging ideas around how you can use hard cheses like this to add some good flavour to simple cooking. Normally I just sprinkle some on top of pasta so its good to have some more ideas.

Here’s one of the ideas that I think I’m going to have a try…

Pasta with Grana Padano, sundried tomatoes & pine nuts
(Calories 392, Fat 12.8g, Saturated fat 3.1g per serving)
• 40g pasta, uncooked weight
• 10g Grana Padano cheese, grated
• 3 cherry tomatoes
• 2 sundried tomatoes, chopped
• 1 tbs of toasted pine nuts
• 1 tsp dried oregano
• 1 handful of watercress or rocket
1. Prepare the pasta following on pack instructions, omitting
any suggested fat or salt. Mix most of the Grana Padano
into the pasta.
2. Mix the cheesy pasta with cherry tomatoes, sun-dried
tomatoes, pine nuts, and oregano. Sprinkle the remaining
Grana Padano over the pasta and serve with a side of
rocket or watercress.


One thought on “Cheese Can Be Heathly…

  1. A good idea to have these cheese recipes. An especially good thing for vegetarians who always have cheese in the fridge and are tempted to use it too liberally.

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