Review: Sushi World, Pitshanger Lane, Ealing ******



  • 58 Pitshanger Lane, Ealing, London W5 1QY
    Tel: 020 8997 6057


  • Sushi – Japanese


  • Food: 5/6 – The quality of the sushi is as good as anywhere I’ve tried it. The rolls are certainly the best I’ve had. There’s great variety in the menu and always a special to try
  • Experience: 5/6 – The ambience of the place is relaxed and so very personal because it only seats 12. From the outside it looks very unassuming but with classic FM in the background and simple furninshings, you get the impression this place is a hidden gem. Indeed, to survive without the finesse of a central London ‘sushi venue’ the product simple has to be good. It is
  • Cost: 6/6 – Sushi isn’t cheap; this isn’t top marks because its cheap, it’s top marks because you get excellent quality for a great price. It is about £15-20 to stuff yourself with all the wonderful sushi you could manage. Try doing that in Nobu!
  • Overall: ****** Can’t reccomend it enough

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11 thoughts on “Review: Sushi World, Pitshanger Lane, Ealing ******

    • Hello Su-Lin –

      Yes indeed, I’m in Ealing, which punches above it’s weight in terms of Sushi places 🙂 I live around the corner from this place and it’s really lovely and down to earth. Where abouts are you? Have you got any West-London recommends?


  1. Those look great, I’ll put those on my Urbanspoon wish list! Can’t believe how fast this blog is helping me find new places! I just need enough time to write them all up!

  2. Dear Robin!
    Greetings from Shizuoka, Japan!
    Than kyou so much for visiting my blog!
    Now, I know you are from England, where I stayed quite a long time at College (Bournemouth)
    You seem to like Japanese (and Moroccan!) food. We shall lodas to talk about! LOL
    ( just in case wordpress takes you to my Fantasy Blog!)

  3. Hi Robert-Gilles – thanks for visiting – yes indeed I am a huge fan of Japanese food – I’ll be keeping an eye on your impressive blog to get new ideas and no doubt be asking you questions!

    Bournemouth is a nice part of the world – some of my friends and colleagues come from that area and I remember going on holiday there when I was younger.


  4. Cheers, Robin!
    Although all these retirees living there makes it a bit a bore, the city has loads of green spaces such as the free 9-hole golf courses, plenty of graounds for cricket and so on!
    Lots of memories there, some really scabrous! LOL
    Best regards.

  5. Just to confirm that Sushi World is the best/nicest sushi restaurant I’ve been to so far! And the chef and staff are lovely, the food is fantastic! I recommend the delicious green tea mousse as dessert, beautifully decorated and tastes divine! Sushi World is also very child friendly and cosy. No negatives AT ALL (and I have been there 409760980 times, including during pregnancy!)

    • Hi Katherine – having now moved away from Pitshanger Lane I can confirm that Sushi World is one of the main things I miss!! If I pass through, it’ll be the first place I visit 🙂

      Hope you continue to enjoy it, even if I’m no longer close enough to!

    • Hello Rober-Gilles – good to hear from you! Not much news on the sushi front – I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog lately due to moving and being busy at work!

      Sushi has been a bit quiet too – although I did find a new sushi place in holborn today.

      It’s been more fine dining recently – went to Amaya, a michelin Indian restaurant recently which was amazing! I must write that up…

      How are you?

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