Mad Moroccan Lamb a la Jamie

Mothers’ Day presented a good opportunity for some full-on cooking and this year’s was a relative success. I’m a big fan of Moroccan food, courtesy of some very enjoyable trips to the cafe at MoMo near Regent Street. This year I decided to try a recipe from a Jamie Oliver book for ‘Mad Moroccan Lamb’ which I’d describe as a spicy lamb bake. Ultimately it’s a fantastic collection of Moroccan flavours captured in an attractive-looking dish.

First you bake a shoulder of lamb after scoring it deeply (crisscross) and rubbing it in a powder of cumin, corriander, dried chillis, fennel, black peppercorns and salt; and pushing in some rosemary leaves in the grooves. After two hours in a hot oven you get a very deep golden brown-looking lump of meat a bit like this:

Roast Shoulder of Lamb

Roast Shoulder of Lamb

Now I could happily munch my way through that, but in the interests of maintaining family peace, I decided to complete the recipe and let everyone else have some. To complete the dish, you prepare a goodly sized portion of couscous, using dried fruit and vegetable stock and some chick peas, cooked with red onion and fresh thyme and reduced down with some water and balsamic vinegar. I used a 24cm casserole with high sides, but really you’ll need something wider. You line the casserole with some couscous, then pour in the chick peas, then place the roast joint on top. The rest of the couscous turns it into the ‘bake’ and some lemon halves are also put in to ‘jammify’, as Oliver puts it. It’s covered and baked for an hour, eventually looking something like this:

Mad Morrocan Lamb

Mad Moroccan Lamb

The lemon juice is then stirred into some natural yoghurt, to be served with the dish, which is also garnished with corriander and slivers of medium-hot chilli.


7 thoughts on “Mad Moroccan Lamb a la Jamie

  1. What’s mad about it is how long it takes to cook! But it’s worth it, as the finished dish was very tasty and dishing it up gets the tastebuds going. First the cous cous, then the lovely lamb meat falling off the bone, so moist and inviting, and finally the delicious chickpeas and more moist cous cous. It was a hit and showed me again what a good cook my son is.

  2. Lamb cooked slowly is a real treat. Couscous is also a treat so this combination has the potential to be great – and it is!

  3. What’s Mad about this Dish? Some of us are just Mad about Lamb and cooking it slowly and letting the couscous just sop up all the fabulous spices and juices. Best food comes to those that wait. I make mine in a clay pot to really nurture the flavors. Looks like you did this dish perfectly and I am MAD, I don’t know you and was not invited to taste it!

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