Sfizio – Great Pizza Bar Near Holborn

Last Friday I discovered a fantastic new pizza bar near work. It was one of those great finds, where you realise that the people who know about it, probably keep it to themselves for a reason. I don’t feel bad for broadcasting about it and here’s why.

Simple formula: friendly service, authentic product and good value. To top that – and this may seem like a rather basic analysis – any independent Italian restaurant where I hear what are clearly regular Italian customers visiting, strikes a chord with me.

What made it such a great a tea find was that it was spontaneous. The other half ‘n’ me met for a glass of rouge at The Bung Hole on High Holborn and fancying a bit of pizza, got involved with a bit of iPhone Urbanspoon. It came up with Sfizio, which had five strong recommendations (and now a sixth).

On arrival, it looked packed and more like a bar than a restaurant, that’s why I describe it as a pizza bar. It’s evidently a honey trap for local workers out for a Friday night beer. Handy, since it becomes more bar than restaurant and you can eat pizza with your Friday beers. A clear benefit over getting hungry and/or drunk after a tiring week at work. A cold and/or hangover is not a great way to start the weekend.

I was convinced there’d be nowhere to sit, but I thought I’d ask when they normally have tables available for future reference. The very friendly waiter – who may have been the manager, given his assertive and prompt service – quickly offered to find us a table. In the midst of the merry beer drinkers, a table appeared as if from nowhere and we were soon furnished with beer and pizza. At about 6-7 quid per pizza, it was easy to stick to about £10 a head including beer and feel happy enough to leave significantly more than 10% for the excellent service.

My only complaint would be the noise levels, which were very high due to the lack of any soft furnishings. I doubt you’d have the same issue if visiting at a different time. But a bit of atmosphere is surely what one wants on a Friday night.

Sfizio on Urbanspoon


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