Five quick things to do with lamb

The best lamb dishes, I think, are ones cooked slowly: slow roasts, kleftico, stews, tagines and the like. Second (a close second, if done well) are dishes where it’s cooked quite rare with good quality cuts – like with a rack of lamb or with chops. A current favourite of mine is lamb chops cooked with mint and lemon a la Nigel Slater, while I haven’t actually had the courage to try cooking with an expensive rack of lamb yet.

So when someone asked me earlier my opinion on what to do with some cubed lamb I was a bit unsure what to recommend. There’s a very delicate balance to be reached in cooking it gently enough that it stays moist and not too long that it seizes up. If going for a quick dish, it’s not going to have long enough to fully relax.

Having had a look for some quick reccomendations, the below is what I’ve come up with. Not all strictly ‘quick’ as some require forward planning, but they’re certainly quicker than a roast or other slow-cooked dish.

  1. Souvlaki – this is a grilled Greek skewer that you can eat in a wrap with some salad and tzatziki (also quick to make). It does ask to be marinated overnight, but it wouldn’t be the end of the world to leave it to marinate while doing something else
  2. Sweet n sour stir fry – this is a quick stir fry which could also be served in a wrap or with rice. It would likely come out with a nice rich asian blend of flavours
  3. Tandoori lamb wrap – this is another marinate overnight-job, but would be well worth it. If you plan ahead properly then you could definitely benefit from some great flavours. I’ve tried a number of Anjum Anand’s recipes and they’re very tasty
  4. Lamb rogan josh – this recipe takes a few hours to cook, but as it uses caserole meat, if you exchange that for some lean cuts or chop it smaller you might get away with a slightly shorter cooking time. Must be careful to test the lamb though, or risk serving it chewy
  5. Greek lamb stew – a nice simple dish that cooks the lamb gently. You’d have to be careful not to overdo the lamb again, but since the recipe suggests taking the lamb out before combining the majority of the ingredients, adding it back in a bit later could help you keep in the safe side

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