Norway trip cont. – Bergen

Having been a bit lazy on the blogging front, this post has been sitting in my drafts. Think I’ll post it for posterity and to close off the Norway trip…

After our visit to Finse, we travelled to Flam and spent four days cycling, walking and lazing. Food-wise, it was pretty uneventful and we mostly barbequed. We did have one slight food mishap, having tried to use some preserved mackerel fillets. In Norway they  vacuum pack fish and so far as I can understand – before using it, you have to soak it in water to get rid of the salty taste. Not being prepared for this, we tried to barbeque it having soaked it for only a few minutes. Which was disgustingly unsucessful!

Bergen was far more interesting. Being a costal city, it has a great fish market and it’s a historically interesting market too. Bergen accomodated one of the main four offices of the Hanseatic league during the height of the league’s powers. In the old days, the Hanseatic league was an alliance between German city states, which had trading agreements with hundreds of North European cities.

The fish market – as it operates today – seemed largely tourist-driven, but it has a great selection and is a fun experience. We were even able to buy some vacuum packed wild salmon and gradvalax to bring home, with the fishmongers more than eager to send tourists home with lots of goodies.


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