Fantastic Morrocan lamb wrap recipe

I recently visited Exmouth market at lunchtime with my colleague James and we both enjoyed a great Morrocan lamb wrap. The well-known restaurant Moro has a food stand there, as do many other local restaurants and other sellers not based in the area. Collectively, they selling all kinds of interesting foods and it’s a real delight visiting the market there – I suggest you try it if you can get there on a lunchtime on a nice day. There’s also a cakes stand which has some very nice looking cakes, including some great cheesecakes.

The lamb wrap from Moro was really tasty. It was slow-cooked lamb, spiced with great Moroccan flavours and served with a crunchy salad, fresh red chilli and yoghurt. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to try and replicate it. I’m sure my lamb won’t be quite as nice as that from the restaurant by all-in-all, it came out well. Here’s what I did.

I roasted a shoulder of lamb in the same way I did for a Jamie Oliver recipe called mad Moroccan lamb. It’s essentially a shoulder of lamb, crisscrossed deeply with a knife and rubbed with a mixture of ground cumin, corriander, black pepper etc. You give it a good three hours, so it’s very brown and the fat can render off.

Then, you leave it to cool and then take the meat off the bone. Try to get rid of any really fatty bits, but do try to keep in as much of the crunchy outside as possible. Then mix and mash it all together in a bowl. You can keep this for some time. I kept it in the fridge for a week, but it’s probably best to freeze some of it in smaller portions, so you can come back to it.

This just went into a wrap (I used a multi-seed one) with a tablespoon or two of natural yoghurt. For the salad, I chopped up cucumber, radish, celery and de-seeded tomatos and a reasonable portion of red chilli all pretty small (the red chilli as small as I could) and mixed it all together before adding to the wrap. I had some parsley at the time as well, which was a good addition too. That was pretty much it – but very, very tasty. I’d thoroughly suggest trying it.

Even better – cook the lamb for a Sunday roast and they just plan this as how to use the leftovers. Very economical and extremely tasty.


One thought on “Fantastic Morrocan lamb wrap recipe

  1. Snap! Lamb all round… I love the moro stall too but the one I steamed slowly was even more tender and delciate than that.

    Enjoy your easter!

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