Nom nom nom

It’s been a while since my last post; call it 30% laziness to about 20% not having much original to chatter about and 50% been-manic-at-work. Think I’m through the worst now, so it’s time to think about food.

Nom nom nom is – as any food blogger will know – not only a nice sounding phrase to describe a good old chomp! It’s also the name of a yearly cook-off between food enthusiasts in the online community.

Thanks to a sterling entry submission by pal and colleague, Kate, we’re finalists in the yearly Nom nom nom cook-off. Over at Postcards from a Gluten Free Life, she gives some great pointers for celiacs and other people with food allergies (some thoughts on food allergies I wrote here). According to her Dad (who briefly popped by our office at the end of the week), she’s an amazing cook – and as an Aussie – has a great repertoire of Asian/Australasian dishes. Having not eaten her food before I’m thoroughly looking forward to us knocking up an Asian-themed menu.

In an effort to not bring the side down, I’m going to get some practice in tomorrow before we do a dress rehearsal on Saturday for some friends. Check back tomorrow to see how I get on!


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