Nomnomnom – the result!

Three piece sweet

Our three courses

On Sunday I took part in the Nomnomnom cook-off with Kate who writes Postcards from a gluten free life; we were pitted against nine other pairs of food enthusiasts who all cooked a three course meal at The Cookery School.

The activity was set up in support of Action Against Hunger – a charity organisation that seems to take a long term view of the food challenges faced in poor countries. Instead of tackling the symptoms, they help people create and develop food sources.

Salad of champions

My thai beef salad

We had a great time cooking up a fusion menu of Vietnamese spring rolls, Thai beef salad and strawberry sorbet (served with a glass of Proseco). Having thought we had plenty of time to make the dishes come together, the two and a half hours we had went amazingly fast. Ultimately we were part shocked and part relieved that it had all come together!

Given the standard of the cooking, we were very happy to be awarded with the runners up prize – a great Phillips cordless hand blender and a bag full of goodies (see pic). We also met some great folk including EuWen, Danny, Rachel and Carla who we were sitting with while devouring the buffet we’d created. There are more prizes still to be one – you can support Action Against Hunger by entering a raffle with some great prizes.

All in all there was some fantastic dishes that all the competitors had made and we all had a good time picking over the food which hadn’t gone up to the judges for the competition. I think I enjoyed pretty much every ever bite I had.


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