Holy three-course Asian meal, batman!

This has been a year of many surprises, a coalition government, England’s drawn out failure at the World Cup and perhaps most startlingly, evidence of some nice summer weather. But none of these hold a candle to what took place on Sunday July 11th 2010. On what should surely be a new date for the history books, the annual NomNomNom cooking extravaganza saw London’s food bloggers compete in a three course cook-off in front of a gorgeous posse of judges at The Cookery School. Like the first man on the moon, the stakes were high – but we took one small step for mankind and a giant leap for hungover bloggers everywhere. This highly amusing yearly event helps to support Action Against Hunger – a charity that seems to take a long term view of the food challenges faced in poor countries. Instead of tackling the symptoms, they help people create and develop food sources.

Here’s what went down. The challenge was set, the menu carefully planned, best frocks and socks donned for the big day. Katman and Robin, we came, we cooked and we…… ok well we didn’t win, but as the old saying goes: first is worst, second is the best and third are the ones with the hairy chests.

(Obviously we came second, woop!).

We had a fantastic time and learnt a hell of a lot about cooking under pressure. However as friends know, neither of us are particularly stressed people and not the type to be getting flustered in the kitchen. The cooking was a success and we managed to pull off three pretty epic (self congratulations here) Asian fusion dishes. We tried to make the food as local and sustainable as possible and used various bits and bobs from Robin’s garden. The judges in their infinite wisdom awarded us second place. We could not have been more shocked and were totally delighted. This resulted in a spontaneous double high five and quite a few celebratory vinos!

Now you can be a judge.

We were pipped at the post, but as luck would have it, the online vote is our second chance at redemption. Why should you vote for team Katman and Robin? All our dishes are simple pleasures that any home cook can enjoy. Our menu is also very ‘inclusive’ since it’s completely gluten free and with one minor adjustment can be made nut & seed free. Most home cooks like to try something new, and each of our dishes is remarkably easy to pick up. The starter of spring rolls can be done with out-of-the-packet rolls and just a few simple ingredients including cooked prawns; the beef salad requires only a good piece of beef, an hour to marinade and a simple salad; the sorbet has just four ingredients including fresh strawberries!

We chose a summer menu that would best enjoyed with a few glasses of prosseco outside somewhere green and relaxing, which is what cooking should be all about :-).

So vote for Katman and Robin if the mood so takes you and support the online raffle for action against hunger to do a good a deed.

Voting takes two clicks and you can even do it daily if you want: just click here.


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