Singapore…Food Galore

First stop on my travels was Singapore, where my pal and former colleague Sanjani put up with me for a few nights. Despite being a veggie (:-)) she’s a fellow foodie of the highest order. She had no end of interesting eateries for me to explore. It was three quick days of culinary quaffing interspersed with swimming, interviews and stressing about planning the Malaysia phase.
With Malay, Chinese and south Indian influences (not to mention other imported food culture), the Singapore stint was all about eating out and here are the highlights I managed to cram in…
  • Idli

    Dinner:  Idli (rice cakes) with 4 chutneys including cocounut and corriander and a small pot of a curry soup type thing which you dipped the idli and chutney in. Really really tasty. We also had ghee pongal (rice cooked in ghee with whole peppers, nuts and curry leaves).

    Dhosa Masala

    Following this, we had Dhosa(pancakes) – and mine was Dhosa masal, which means it was filled with a light potato curry; a bit like bombay aloo.

  • Coffee – commonly served in Singapore with sweet evaporated milk and milk. It’s served with a deep saucer and you “pull” it by pouring it from cup to saucer and back. This quirk is derived from the Indian teh tarik (tea and pulled) and helps to cool the drink and supposedly add taste
  • Lunch – Chana Bhattura – chickpeas and bread.  This was a light chickpea and pea curry with a large bread on top which is sort of inflated when served and you squeeze lime on top of it. You then use your hands to spoon up the curry with the bread.
  • Dinner – Japanese, this time. We started with sashimi (salmon, swordfish, tuna, yellowtail, octopus and prawn (cooked)), followed by yakitori (chicken, pork belly, pork leek garlic, salmon belly, steak, tomato ham and cheese). Washed down with a much-needed Kirin.
  • Kaya toast

    Morning – Kaya toast – which consists of (very) soft boiled eggs, coconut jam toast (Kaya) and sweet coffee

  • Lunch – Chicken Rice. This is supposed to be something of a Singaporean speciality. The chicken and the riceare cooked in a master stock of rice and pork so the rice has lots of flavour and the chicken is very tender. It’s served with a small amount of very hot chili sauce and concentrated soy sauce on the side. Hiana refers to the region of china that the cuisine style comes from
  • Dinner – Seafood feast. If I had time I would go on and on about this. Essentially, an incredible feast of pepper crab, drunken prawns, steamed fish and various other wonderful tidbits. The crab in particular was incredible.

By the end of all this, I became pretty accomplished at eating with my hands, not something that came quickly, but so far in Malaysia cutlery has been very forthcoming!

More to follow about scuba, curry and grilled fish…


6 thoughts on “Singapore…Food Galore

  1. The food sounds wonderful and I am very jealous. Looking forward to reading more. By the way, not all the photos came out but the decriptions were good.

  2. Hey Bobbin,

    Awww, thanks for complimenting me on being a foodie – as a vegetarian I’m more used to getting dissed!

    It was lovely having you over to stay, and fantastic to catch up.

    Just a quick one – the indian pancake you had was masala dhosa. And the fish was called Sun Hok.

    Come back to Singapore, I’m sure you must be ready for a Murugan’s again?

    Have a fab time with your travels.

  3. Lovely. I’ve only been to Singapore once, when I was about 10 and all I remember is gorging on chilli crabs. Oh, and getting my head stuck out the cable car window on the way back from Sentosa Island. Ow.

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