Going travelling or on holiday is about finding things out, meeting people, relaxing and having memorable experiences. Eating out in any context – including its role in foreign travel – holds to similar principles.

As I always say, eating out at expensive restaurants can be hit and miss, while being continually conned into thinking mid-range chains offer experiences is one of my biggest gripes. So when I eat out I always keep value in mind regardless of price. When travelling on finite resources it becomes increasingly important to bear in mind both cost and value and I have some general rules/advice that I’m trying to follow to get the most out of it.

1) Ask about the special dishes and always enquire about the freshness of things like fish. Banter with the staff if you can, you never know what they might suggest or what you might learn
2) If you’ve not had something on the menu before, ask about it and give it a shot
3) Don’t order exactly the same fecking dishes as your friends! Ever! Try something different and share
4) If the place is full of tourists, ditch it. Unless it came highly recommended
5) Go in with low or no expectations and just see what you see. But don’t take any shit
6) Explore backstreets, nooks and crannies. If it’s cheap and full of regulars, you’re doing it right
7) Go with a local if at all possible
8) Always seek and give recommendations (ever wonder why there are a billion food blogs?)
9) Go with someone you can comfortably share a rubbish experience with, but would also want to share a discovery with
10) If you go on your tod, preach about it to your friends so they want to go exploring with you 🙂

What have I missed?


3 thoughts on “Discovery

  1. Hi Rob, I’m very jealous and envious! Sounds like you’re having an amazing time! The food sounds incredible, despite the fact that I wouldn’t be eating the meat ones…..(i.e. everything?!)Hope you’re not too hot and overworked. I have a challenge for you : Spend at least a day eating nothing but veggie food!

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