KL – Roti Chennai & Dim Sum Fun

A few nights in Kuala Lumpur provided a change of pace after the diving exertions in Tioman. In fact, I ended up walking around most of the city instead of using the trains or bus, so it was pretty tiring!

It’s a spectacular place with an interesting history. The KL tower in particular was a great point from which to take in a view of the city and get an orientation. It’s an impressive building – one of the tallest telecoms towers in the world – and the way it was built is impressive – the column was built straight up on the spot with concrete poured continuously for something like 2 months. The shopping malls are also weirdly overdeveloped and one has 7 floors of purely electronics goods! Mental, but handy if you’ve broken your 56th pair of headphones and are missing music like crack.

I stayed in Chinatown which a manic area, where you’re hassled constantly to buy knockoff goods of various kinds. There are also a lot of Chinese and other food places around, most of which seemed fairly scuzzy. I ate in a few which seemed to trot out generic gloopy rubbish.

All in all, I was not enamoured with the Chinese food, but the Indian food continued to impress; perhaps I just prefer it overall. Singapore probably spoiled me because I went with local recommendations. But, a few highlights were:

  • Indian breakfasts of Roti Chennai with egg and teh tarik. Curry for breakfasts is always amazing, so i was very excited to discover this amazing way of mixing eggs (my favourite breakfast hands-down) and curry. These are breads that are stretched out by hand (this requires a lot of dexterity and is impressive to watch) onto a hot grill (Note to self: want to find or take a video of this) and then an egg is cracked on top. The edges are then folded over to encase the egg and it’s fried until browned. Then it’s sliced and served with a dal or other curry sauce of your choice.
  • After a fair amount of searching (i felt like a right numpty not being able to find decent dim sum in Chinatown KL) I found a shabby looking back-backstreet place with crappy plastic stalls and a pissed-off looking owner, but loads of locals. Surprisingly (but per my post about discovery) (link) it was really good and I had some nice Chinese tea with it.
  • Central Market in KL is an interesting place to look around and had a lot of nice looking places in the upstairs food court. At one of the places there I had a great sesame chicken dish with loads of chilli sauce.
  • More Dhosa in standard Indian restaurants also continued to provide amusement – big fan of these things!

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