Perhentian Kecil – Food Lady and Fish

After KL, sunshine and diving was back on the agenda in order to curtail the excesses of the bustling Chinatown funk. So I got an overnight bus up to Kuala Besut, where fast boats leave for the Perhentians. The Perhentians called Besut (large) and Kecil (small). General consensus from reading and speaking to people was that long beach on the small island is the place to be, but because of a public holiday, everyone had flocked to the island and all the accommodation was taken. So after a couple of days at Coral Bay (on the other side) reading and chilling, I checked into Matahari dive resort where I did another six fun dives with the instructors and dive masters there who really look after you and make it fun. The dive sites there were great as well.

Food highlights….

  • Grilled fish dinners at coral bay, where I discovered the delights of king fish, which was served with rice, potato, salad, watermelon and banana cake.
  • “Food lady” who would bring bags of tasty chicken and fish curries and rice around to the dive resorts in the mornings which cost just RM2 or about 40 pence but were very tasty indeed for breakfast and lunch.
  • The Matahari restaurant was also very good and i had amazing malaysian curries there including a fish curry and beef rendang.

Next stop, Bangkok, where my plans went right out of the window.


3 thoughts on “Perhentian Kecil – Food Lady and Fish

  1. We looked at Matahari but the only rooms they had left were right by a big pool of stagnant water so we moved on. I didn’t find much amazing food on Perhentian Kecil, but then I only went snorkelling too 😉

  2. Heh, i know what you mean, my place at coral bay had stagnant water around and I was not a fan. Matahari was pretty good after many of the places. Dive crew a good bunch also.

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