Breakfast in Bondi: the scores so far

I’ve always been a fan of a good breakfast on a Sunday; it’s certainly a Clark thing – we’ve always done it and I’ve become more than a bit particular about how my eggs are cooked. Probably because only rarely can you trust your breakfast to come out right in the UK. In Bondi however, most places have an interesting menu and turn out a great breakfast time after time. They also have some more interesting options than the classic (and awesome English breakfast)… here are some of my favourites so far:

  1. Black stone eggs (Brown Sugar)
  2. Feta scrambled eggs (Blue Orange)
  3. Eggs benedict (Blue Orange)
  4. Poached eggs with herb salad and lime juice(Blue Orange)
  5. Huevos rancheros (Cafe Bondi)
  6. Smoked salmon with seedy bread, rocket, beansprouts, creme fraiche & lemon (Gertrude & Alice)
  7. Morrocan baked beans and eggs (Brown Sugar)
  8. Pukunui (Katipo)

I don’t usually post reams of pictures – but in this case I feel compelled to punish you with food porn… Enjoy.

Black Stone Eggs from (Brown Sugar):

Poached eggs with chorizon and roasted capsicum from Bondi FM:

Dill salmon eggs from Brown Sugar:

Pukunui from Katipo:

Eggs bennedict from Blue Orange:

Feta scrambled eggs from Blue Orange:

Morrocan eggs from Brown Sugar:

Salmon, creme fraiche, rocket salad & seedy bread, from Gertrude & Alice:


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